• Oh, no, you finally have done it. You actually lost keys from your apartment. So what should you do now? Actually, we have a solution for you that will put everything on its place in no time. All you have to do is to call our company AVKLocksmith and our master will be on his way to provide you with aid as quick as he can. Do not be afraid or shy to call us any time of the day, because our company work 24/7 and we accept calls during whole the day. And now lets look through different locksmith services that we can offer you:
    Residential locksmith
    You have just found out your lock is broken or your key was lost somewhere and you have no idea how to get home, just let us know. Our specialists are qualified and they will examine the door and without any damage at all the will unlock the door (if necessary) and repair your lock. To your requirement our master will give you your own key and even several spare keys (in case you will loose it again). 
    Commercial Locksmith
    If by any chance you do not have your key-card to your home or office you should contact AVKLocksmith and we will reinstall your lock. After that you will be able to make sure that our work was done without any damage and we will give you a new key-card. We also can work with broken doors in your garage. Because it can occur that you ought to leave immediately and your garage door is broken and you are locked outside. Our masters will rescue you and fix the door. 
    Automobile locksmith
    You may be surprised when you will find yourself in such a silly situation when you are outside of your car and accidentally you locked your keys in. «How am I suppose to repair it?» -you may think. Our advice to you is to call professionals, to call us simply. Because in case you will decide to unlock the door on your own there is a chance you will broke it completely. Or you can damage it and not achieve any particular result. We will open the door of your car, very carefully unlock it and provide you with brand-new shiny key. 
    Door repair
    Be that an office, your home or an apartment door can be broken your damaged anywhere. Probably you were moving your furniture around and scratched it, or you were slapping it to harsh and lock have broken it basically does not matter. The point is that were are able to fix it. If there is a scratch we will get rid of it, or if the lock if broken we will install a new one, better one. Our professional will even give you several keys to that door. 
    So summing up you can see that we can deal with any kind of door and key problems. You may relay on our company AVKLocksmith completely. And all due to the professional locksmiths who have years of experience in that field and that is why they will:
    Repair your lock
    - replace your lock (in car, apartment, office, and house)
    - provide you with brand-new key
    - give you a spare pair of keys
    - fix your damaged door
    Our company is trustworthy by all means and we want our clients to be completely satisfied with our work. With us you will get a safe and secure life because our highest priority is your comfort!